FASSCO Paper Cutting Knives

Heavy-duty FASSCO Paper Cutting Knives will be delivered ready for use, skillfully hardened and tempered, precision surface ground, sharpened.

Paper Cutting Knives


FASSCO Paper Cutting Knives (face trimming) for all paper cutting machines meet all today's requirements for cutting of all kinds of paper, cardboards, foils etc. For highest demands and longest endurance we recommend our quality F-3000.

Paper Cutting Knives (face trimming)

Three Knife Trimmer

One makes special demands on three-knife trimmers. When mounting and dismounting the knives an often stand-still should be avoided. Our special quality
F-3000 is the right one for your Three-knife-trimmer. Every second FASSCO Three-knife-trimmer set is equipped with this quality marking.

Three Knife Trimmer

Trimmer knives

high efficiency... long endurance... seldom reset
These are the demands, which were made to every part, set up the assembly line. FASSCO offers the qualities, which meet all requirements, proved in practical service and always successful.

Trimmer knives






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