Honing of FASSCO Paper Cutting Knives

It is very important that burr will be removed completely and an undamaged smooth cutting edge is guaranteed.

Removing of burr has to be done manually and carefully by using special honing stones.

Working substances:

  • honing stone „Silicium-carbide" fine ( rectangular form)
  • honing stone „Arkansas-oil stone" (rectangular form)
  • crude petroleum or pur thin-bodied oil.

Honing starts with silicium-carbide honing stone on the backside of the knife (cutting side). Honing stone has to be put on flat, otherwise knife will have a counterbevel. Result: overcut and higher cutting pressure. With constant circular moving and slight pressure burr will be put up.

On front side (bevel side) stone has to be raised in angle of approx. 1° and with circular moving burr will be honed (contrary to bevel). Attention:  A too steep guidance of honing stone makes cutting edge blunt.

This change from back to frontside has to be repeated many times until burr is totally removed and cutting edge is sharp. The last honing should be done from backside.

Then cutting edge will be treated and compressed with Arkansas oil stone.

Testing of sharpness:

Draw a piece of paper (50-80g) over cutting edge and it has to be cut easily.

Put honing stones into crude petroleum or pur thin-bodied oil and keep them moist. So they remain open porosity and handy. Used-upn stones has to be replaced at once.

Honing of FASSCO Paper Cutting Knives

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